Artwork For Purchase

We can create anything you want for photographic artwork to hang on your walls or place on your desk. Often when people think of a photographer, they just assume we only take pictures of people. I suppose some do only that, but we shoot anything and everything. We shoot all the time, and capture our favorite things or favorite locations, but they may not be the same as yours. We do offer custom photo shoots for things other than just people. If you have a favorite personal possession that you would like to commemorate and capture on camera to be printed and framed, we can handle that. For us, it may be guitars or motorcycles, just to give some examples. Or you may have a favorite location outside of town that you wish you could capture and hang as artwork in your home or office. We are open to shooting anything, you just have to ask. Pricing for these services can vary depending on the scope of the work involved, so just shoot us an idea and we can give you an idea of the charge to do it.

For those of you who don’t have the creative eye to envision something or somewhere as a piece of artwork on your wall, we do offer some popular images of ours that many people have purchased to do just that. We don’t have room to put everything on this page, but just a few samples will be shown to give an idea of what we can do. We can sell printed artwork as paper prints, framed prints, and also many other forms of media such as canvas prints. Enjoy!