We love music and all aspects of it, from watching live performances to making our own music at home and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to capture yourself or someone else perform in a live venue, or you need a complete band portrait to promote your music we can get you taken care of. There’s no reason to be shy, if you have made it far enough to be playing in front of a small crowd or large crowd, be proud that you have made it that far and capture it on camera.

Your friends in the crowd using their phones to get your picture on a dimly lit stage will be a huge let down when you see the results. If you truly want to capture these moments it takes a professional with a steady hand, good equipment, and a little bit of luck to catch promotion worthy photos of a live show. So don’t leave that up to an amateur. We do not use flash photography during live performances to respect the performers in their craft. This takes practice and patience, and if not done correctly will leave you empty handed after a 30 minute performance.