Newborns and Children

Everyone loves pictures of babies and the innocence of youth. Capture the growing stages of your child or children as they progress through the months and years. It’s easy to live each day and get caught up in the daily grind, but don’t miss the opportunity to capture the precious moments along the way.

I grew up as many children around me, going somewhere each year around my birthday and getting portraits taken. Those photographs were mailed to all of our family and close friends of the family so everyone could see us as we grew up. These days it’s easy to look at our phones and see hundred if not thousands of pictures of our children taken daily. But how often do these pictures make it past the albums on our phones, or best case a Facebook post? We understand that the times have changed since our childhood, and we gladly accept these changes and accommodate them. We encourage you to not cut off the new generations from the experience of taking high quality portraits that can be savored for generations to come. And maybe even have some of those embarrassing childhood photos to show their grand children someday like many of us will!