This day and age, having a professional headshot in your hands has become more important than ever. In a growing world of online business and even just trying to get a job these days, so much is done in an online environment. If you think a potential client or employer isn’t checking your online profiles, you need to catch up with the current game! Whether you’re promoting your own business, or trying to start a new career, or you are aspiring to enter a field where presenting your image is a necessity, headshots can be very important to your success.

We can handle all types of headshots, from the standard business professional, to the artistic and unique. Whatever direction you need to go, we can help you get there. We’ll typically ask you a few questions about what your needs are for your headshots before we sign you up for a session, that way you’ll know how to prepare and we can pick the right background for you.

If headshots are all that you are after, we offer a shortened session and product offering to get you taken care of quickly and easily. Of course we can add to that, if you need an extensive array of images to use, or if you just need some elaborate backdrops to showcase You. But for our standard headshot fee, we will get you a few final images to use, with a background of your choice (we can come to you or set-up a location), and we’ll get the images to you electronically to save on downtime and cost involved.

Standard Headshot Session – 30 minutes – $75