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Welcome and thank you for expressing interest in our photography business. We are Sunker Creative Studio, a small family-run business that is focused on photography services of all kinds, but we also offer design and marketing services for a wide variety of clientele. We are based out of Dallas/Fort Worth, but we do occasionally have photo shoots in the Houston area including weddings, events and family style portraits. I (Ronnie) was raised in the Houston area until attending the University of North Texas, and have family that still lives here so we visit several times a year at least.

Growing up in Houston and now spending just as long living in the DFW area, I have spent almost my entire life in Texas, and although I didn’t appreciate all Texas has to offer at a younger age, I have definitely grown to appreciate the beauty and surroundings in our great state. Most of the artwork that is on display at 1350 Nasa Rd One can be found in or around Texas. Some sights you may recognize easily, others may be a little harder to pinpoint where they’re from. I have spent many years venturing out and about all over Texas with my camera in-hand trying to capture sights that not everyone will see or that some people just don’t know exist. A lot of the time my local artwork comes from areas that could be considered a “hidden gem”, because they are often very close to major areas, but just off the beaten path. Some people believe in keeping those spots a secret, but I believe in showing them to everyone because it may just inspire someone else to get out and create their own adventures around the areas they call home.

Our business is a family operation, we involve everyone and incorporate everyone’s skills into what we offer our clients. I am the primary photographer for all the types of work we do. My wife Stephanie is my photo assistant and secondary photographer for larger weddings and events, as well as my design consultant for times when we need a unique setting for special occasions. Our daughter RaeLee has a love for taking her own photographs, and has been known to assist me on client photo sessions, and she’s always a willing model for us to practice on. And our son Riley is still learning his way around some photography basics, but loves capturing his own shots and is always a super cute model for us to shoot! We take pride in our quality and customer service over everything else and focus on offering a service to our clients that far exceeds expectations from the price point we offer. In the last 9 years of doing this professionally, we multiply our number of clients year over year, and this is all done by word of mouth referrals. We truly love what we do, and we try to let that show in our work.

Thanks again for checking us out and learning a little bit about me and my family. We are available for hire, and we do have artwork that is available for purchase. Our work is not limited to Texas, so just ask if there is something else you may be interested in seeing. And if you’re interested in following our on-going projects, please like and follow our Facebook page and Instagram – http://www.facebook.com/sunkercreativestudio

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