Special Event Coverage

Everyone knows it’s impossible to put on a party or event, and be able to capture all of the excitement and details of the day at the same time. If you want to capture your amazing party or event and not have to worry about missing something, hire us to photograph it for you. We shoot anything from birthday parties for 1 year olds, to church gatherings, and everything in-between. Most of us put a lot of thought and effort into how we decorate and prepare for these events, so why not have someone there to capture all of this detail for you on camera? During our event photo sessions, we will first and foremost capture all of the people attending and participating, but we’ll also get the details down to the table decorations and party favors.

Aside from just capturing the people and activities of your event, we can also provide additional services such as designated photo opportunity areas for guests and on-site photos for guests to take with them.

Shooting Fee for Parties and Events = $75-$150/hour

Contact Us for more details and to discuss your event photography needs. We can offer bare minimum photo services where you receive un-edited snapshots of your event, all the way up to custom backdrops and fully edited images of all of your guests, and even Polaroid pictures handed out as we shoot them. We can discuss your wants and needs and find the best solution to fit your budget.

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