Bare Bones Wedding Package

Our Bare Bones Wedding Package is just that. You’ll get our same great professional photography, just on a shorter scale and without all the extras. Maybe you’re on a tight budget for this portion of your big day, or you don’t like being in pictures, but you know that you need to capture the events of the day to capture the memory. This could be the best option for you if any of these apply. You’ll get 2 hours of our great services and photographs with this package, and we leave out all of the final products for you to decide later on.

  • $500
  • Includes 1 photographer for 2 hours of coverage
  • Qty 1 – Custom USB Drive with full-resolution copy of all images
  • 6 Months Online Photo Album access (Can be password protected)

Of course you can add to this basic list of products and services, just refer to our a la carte pricing for any add-ons. The 2 hours of coverage can be used however you would like, but from past experience, YES we can cover a wedding ceremony and the basic important parts of the reception in 2 hours! Just please consider any travel time that may be necessary between wedding/reception venues as this will be time spent out of your 2 hours. And don’t worry, if you want to come back later and have prints or photo books of your wedding created, we will gladly handle these for you, your pictures will still be here with us.

Online photo album access allows you and your family and friends easy viewing of your entire wedding day photographs. The images are in full-resolution on our website and can be accessed from any device that can connect to the internet. All you have to do is e-mail out a link to your personalized website URL and they can easily find it. If you prefer your pictures to be kept private, we can easily password protect your gallery, and you are in charge of distributing the password so that you can control who has access.