The Ultimate Wedding Package

The Ultimate Wedding Package is our top of the line offering to cover your special day. There are a number of distinguishing attributes of this package that set it apart from the rest of our offerings, as well as set us apart from other photographers you may be considering. This package can be customized and certain items changed out, but should provide a great starting point to get the most out of our services for you special day! Purchasing these services and items as a package also saves you about 10%.

  • $3,800
  • Includes 2 photographers for 8 hours of coverage on your wedding day
  • 1 Hour engagement or Bridal shoot prior to your wedding day (Images will be given electronically when complete)
  • SCS will develop, design, and maintain a Facebook page for your wedding events. This will include live full-quality uploads in real time during your wedding day. (All rights/control will be given to you at the end of the process).
  • You will receive a full assortment of prints and a photo book including:
    • Qty 1 – 12″x12″ Leather Photo Book w/30 thick pages (Artist Picks)
    • Qty 1 – 11″x14″ Print of your choice
    • Qty 2 – 8″x10″ Prints of your choice
    • Qty 30 – 4″x6″ Prints (Artist Picks)
    • Qty 1 – Custom USB Drive with full-resolution copy of all images
    • Qty 2 – 8″x10″ Engagement or Bridal Shoot Prints of your choice
    • 1 Year Online Photo Album access (Can be password protected)

We’ll give you a few explanations as to why you should consider this extensive amount of coverage for your wedding day!

  • Having a second photographer to cover your special day means that you’ll have even more pictures to capture all of the special moments that occur. It’s a very busy day, and there are some events that happen simultaneously, which means having 1 photographer just wouldn’t allow us to capture every little detail. But a second photographer also helps add even more creative perspective to your photographs. Not every artist produces the same results, which means you’ll have a wider variety of images and styles to choose from when we’re done.
  • If you are choosing your photographer early enough in the process, you will need great photos taken of you as an engaged couple, whether you are going to make a formal announcement in the local newspaper or just want to be able to share with friends and family. So we include a 1 hour session for you to get some great portraits to share. If you’re past that point in your preparations, we can easily convert this to a 1 hour session for the Bride or Groom or Both. What bride wouldn’t want some amazing portraits of them in their perfect wedding gown?
  • Social Media is an integral part of most of our lives these days. It’s a great way to share with friends and family all of the events in our lives. But what you don’t want during your wedding day, is a crowd of attendants holding their cell phones up during your ceremony or reception trying to take pictures and share them! Plus, it can be hard, if not impossible, to keep up with this yourself during preparations and the day of your wedding. So what we’ll do for you is build a Facebook page for you when you sign your contract. You will have full access as well as us to edit and add content to your new page. We will build and maintain the page until your wedding is complete and your final photos from the day are uploaded. Then we remove ourselves from access and it is all yours. Between the start and finish, we will load images such as your Engagement or Bridal shoot, invitations or wedding day events and timelines. And most importantly, during our 8 hour time on your big day, our 2nd photographer has the technology to shoot full quality images and upload them within minutes to your page. What does that mean for you? It means you can tell all of your guests to keep their phones put away, and they can go to your page and see all of the live images. Or if you have special guests that aren’t able to attend, they can get notifications of pictures as they happen. Just imagine a relative on the other side of the country that couldn’t make it, but they can still see your first dance as a married couple just minutes after it happened! Don’t worry, if you’re not used to working with Facebook Pages, we’ll take care of most of the hard work, and we’ll show you what you need to take control when we’re done.
  • Why do we say “Artist Picks” for your album and bulk prints? Well as the artists, we know what we are working with from our large volume of images. But we also have gone through all of the images and are very familiar with the timeline and story of your day. It takes a lot of time and effort to build that story into a photo book, and we have lots of practice at it. We promise, you’ll be happy with the end results, and it makes the whole process much quicker and easier for you to get your pictures back in your hands.