Welcome to the Sunker Creative Studio website. We are a local family that is trying to change the way photography services are offered. We have our own personal styles, but when you hire us your ideas are welcomed and brought to life. Even if you don’t have a creative mind, a simple idea from you can turn into something special when you hand it over to us to make it happen. Just leave the details to us.

The first thing you’ll notice unique about our business, is the photographer, Ronnie. If you’ve looked around at local photographers, especially family photographers, you probably haven’t noticed a lot of men in this industry. We like to think of that as a good thing. Ronnie brings a different perspective, approach and professionalism to each photo session that you won’t find amongst all of the other options you find out there. As a father of 2 children who is very involved in every aspect of the day to day adventures of raising young children, Ronnie has plenty of practice working with kids and the biggest strength of that experience… patience. Patience is necessary when photographing children (and adults) of all ages, and that is one of the most frequent compliments received from clients. The Sunker family began with Ronnie and Stephanie getting married in 2004, and renewing vows every 5 years since then! So when you’re looking for a wedding photographer, you have many options of course. But when you choose us you can know that you’re choosing a husband and wife who truly understand and grasp the bond of marriage and everything that goes along with that. Would you hire a foot doctor to perform heart surgery? I don’t think so…

What you’ll find in our style is that we are exceptional at capturing candid moments, no matter what the settings is. And we do our best work by capturing you in your most natural and relaxed state. Anybody can line up a group of people and tell you to “say cheese”. What we are known for is providing a very relaxed and fun environment to let you and your family and friends just be yourselves, and that is what we capture for you. We always have the camera pointed in the right direction and are shooting constantly to catch a moment that nobody even realized may be happening, even in-between poses.

We love kids and families and all of the fun that goes with them. We know that coordinating a small group can be challenging and entertaining all at the same time. So we try to keep it fun and relaxed, and hopefully catch a little bit of everyone’s personality.

We are experienced in a variety of crafts and have endless personal interests, so we understand that you may not just want any photographer to take your family photos once a year. Maybe you have a classic car or motorcycle that you would stare at all day if you could. Or maybe you want to throw a party for your friends that you just want to be able to capture how amazing your theme was. Or maybe you just have a hobby or family hobby that you want to capture on camera. These are some of the reasons we got into this business, aside from the simple love of photography and using it as a creative outlet.

As a family photographer, I love capturing everything on camera, but that also means when someone looks back at the photos later, they won’t see me. So don’t let that be you! Enjoy your party or celebration, or wedding, or whatever it is and let someone else focus on catching it all on camera.

We offer a wide variety of products after the shoot, and we offer digital copies of all photos to you. But for those out there just like us, there is a different appreciation for sitting down and flipping the pages of a photo album, with actual printed pictures in them too. Although the cameras have gone digital, printed photographs still possess a unique value that can outlast all forms of digital representation. We encourage a healthy mix of both in this modern world of digital “everything”.

Most of our existing clients are located in North Texas in or around Dallas / Ft Worth, but we do have a number of clients in the Houston area as well and frequently visit. We can travel anywhere to capture pictures for you. We are located in Canyon Falls and were the first Professional Canyon Falls Photographer in the community after moving in and planting our roots in 2015. But living in the immediate area since 1998 and spending many years behind the lens in North Texas, we very frequently shoot in Argyle, Flower Mound, Roanoke, Canyon Falls Lewisville, Denton, Fort Worth, and Dallas for clients, just to name a few major areas.


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