About your Family Photographer

DSC_3619We are a local family in the Dallas/Ft Worth area that wants to help families and individuals embrace and secure the memories and milestones in life by offering local family photography services to all. We have a solution for every budget and offer a wide variety of services reaching far past photography.

Growing up, Ronnie watched his parents take pictures and the family always having cameras around helped spark his interest in the art form. We all had Polaroid cameras growing up, but he watched his parents use larger cameras that were much more intricate and involved to shoot, especially the Super 8 film movie camera that was used, with spotlights, to document all major events in his youth. These little things started an interest in using cameras to capture moments, and not just point and shoot, but using all of the functions of these cameras to accomplish it. Ronnie was at the top of his fine art classes while at Kingwood High School as a member of the National Art Honor Society. And he went on to study Photography and Graphic Design at the University of North Texas, with a minor in Marketing. During this time he learned in-depth knowledge of using film cameras and digital editing software that has now become standard in this industry.

Stephanie has always had a creative spirit and a keen eye for design and pushes the creative boundaries without fear of trying new ideas, which has led to some of the most unique ideas produced by this duo. With over a decade of experience in Marketing and Major Event Planning under her belt, she has a wide reach of creativity that can be catered to any individual, crowd or demographic. In the world of Marketing one always has to be pushing limits to stay ahead of the competition, and she never shuts off or takes a break from pursuing this.

It can be said that Stephanie is the creative genius behind the business and Ronnie is the technical force that can bring life to whatever idea can be imagined. As a husband and wife pair, it is clear that a good balance of style, ability and personality are evident in their work. And with a family of their own, in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, they share a deep appreciation for┬ácapturing life’s most joyous moments to be remembered and celebrated for years to follow.

The Sunker family would like to thank you for choosing their local photography business and please don’t hesitate to ask if you do not find what you are looking for. We will try our best to cater to any creative request.

-Ronnie and Stephanie Sunker

Meet The Sunker Family