What We Do

We perform a wide variety of photography services, basically if it can be captured on camera, we can do it! We try to show a variety of our work, but it’s hard to show everything in one place. So if you don’t see something that you’re interested in please just ask! Our work flow changes through different times of the year but also it changes with the community surrounding us. When we first got started we primarily shot couples, weddings, motorcycles and bands. But these days we spend most of our time capturing children, families and weddings. Don’t let our current examples of work fool you, we have done it all and have experience in all sorts of styles and we love to get creative and will gladly discuss creating a photoshoot around anything you can imagine.

Weddings and Engagements

When you hire us to capture your wedding day or celebrating your engagement, you get a close attention to detail of what makes you as a couple unique and special. Engagement Sessions are meant to be intimate and intended to capture the young love that is the beginning of a lifelong journey together, so you can expect to spend most of one of your time during these sessions embracing your significant other and stealing a few kisses. The focus is on you as a couple and the romance that goes along with a blooming relationship. Engagement sessions can be whatever you want them to be, we recommend incorporating a little bit of what makes you two unique as a couple! Engagement sessions are included in several of our wedding packages, but can be booked separately as well. Just make sure you book these early enough to use for announcements!

Weddings are a mix of capturing all of the love and romance of your special day, but also capturing the excitement and celebration of your love amongst family and friends. We also understand that someone put a lot of thought and effort into picking, designing and even creating every table decoration/guest book/cake/flower arrangement/etc, so we always make sure to capture every little detail to help you hold on to those memories forever. Weddings are a little bit candid photography, and a little bit posed and staged. Sometimes you just have to line everyone up to get some group shots of everyone involved. But we also capture those same groups of people throughout your celebration as they enjoy themselves and celebrate with you to provide a natural photographic story of your entire day. Weddings only happen once, and capturing photographs of this special day are an important keepsake to revisit through the many years together that follow.

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Family Portraits and Family Gatherings

Family is our biggest priority in life, without family we wouldn’t be here today and definitely wouldn’t be able to run a successful business. We cherish every moment with our own kids as well as our siblings, parents and extended families and understand that these moments together don’t last forever. This makes it even more important to capture photos of your family as often as you can! Our family portrait sessions are designed to capture you and your closest loved ones as you are right now in your lives. Maybe someone dyed their hair a crazy color or has chosen a unique style to dress in at this stage of their life, don’t let that stop you from taking family portraits, these are the moments you will cherish one day when you’re older. Family sessions are a mix of posed shots and also some playfulness or goofiness. It can be difficult to get an entire family to all be in a photogenic mood on a scheduled day and we understand that. So we make our best possible effort to get even the grumpiest to loosen up and have a little fun during our photoshoots so that you can have some fun and smiling portraits when we’re done. You can expect to be asked to run around with kids, play, dance, climb a tree, really just about anything we can do to get everyone smiling.

Every family is different in what they want to get from these sessions, and we can help guide you through the best way to capture your family. We can line everyone and pose everyone for a formal look, or we can do surprise activities that will get natural reactions and laughter from everyone. Or maybe your favorite family activity is something you want to capture, we can help with that. Don’t be scared to throw out anything you want to try, there’s a good chance we’ve done it. And yes, Pets are more than welcome to be in your photos!

Have a large family or a planned family gathering? Don’t worry, we can work with large groups and have photo package options that can accommodate an entire family to make sure everyone gets what they want. With experience in photographing large groups (300+ people) we have the equipment and know-how to get your whole family in the shot. We may recommend additional session time depending on the size of your group.

Children, Toddlers, and Babies

We absolutely love working with kids of any age! Whether they are super-cute newborn babies that just want to snuggle, or newly-mobile babies and toddlers that just want to find some trouble to get into. And as the kids get older and develop their own personalities, it is just so much fun capturing the things that are important in their lives as they grow. For younger kids we may suggest a cozy and comfortable setup to help keep your little ones happy while they get their picture taken, but as they grow their independence, we suggest to start including their own interests. It could be a favorite movie, or just something they love. But there is always a way to incorporate those cherished favorites into a photoshoot, you may be surprised at what we can do for you! The days of going to a department store for annual birthday pictures are long gone, but the concept of capturing your kids as they grow is still going strong! They will be grown in the blink of an eye, don’t let it fly by without the memories being captured on camera. If you like to spoil your little ones like we do, Themed Photo Sessions are cute and fun and anything you can imagine we can create. But we know these may not be for everybody, so we’re prepared to handle simple or over-the-top to meet your needs and wants.

Maternity and Newborn Baby

Having a little one on the way is a very exciting, scary and beautiful time for a couple. Sometimes it feels like a whirlwind with all of the preparations for your new addition, but you have to slow down a little bit and enjoy the beauty of the whole experience. When we shoot a maternity session we focus on the mom of course, but spouses are a big part and are always welcome to be a part of it all. We have some beautiful outdoor locations we like to use, but we can come to your favorite comfy spots or meaningful spots as well, and have indoor studio options available. These can be strictly about mom and baby, or we can incorporate some special clothing or trinkets to help complete your shoot and make it unique. We’ll keep you comfortable and relaxed to capture this special moment and give you some great memories from this special moment in time. One piece of advice, don’t schedule too close to your due date and allow some flexibility if you need to move your date up a little earlier just in case!

Senior Portraits

Your child’s senior year in high school is an important milestone in their life, big decisions quickly approach that can affect where they will go and what they will do in their own life as an adult. Senior portraits are a great opportunity to capture your young adult as they are before they head out into the world on their own. Senior portrait sessions have evolved over time since my childhood, but the underlying theme is still the same, capture them as they are at this stage in their life and help remember what they love and participate in during their final days in high school. Our senior portrait sessions are designed to capture a balance of what is most important to you and them. We often suggest getting input on what and where to shoot and outfit choices from parents and kids to make sure everyone gets a little bit of what they want. Locations can vary depending on what style you want to achieve or what interests you want to include, as well as length of time for the session can vary depending on how much detail you want to get into. No matter how simple or detailed you want to get, we’ll be sure to capture your senior and help freeze this moment in time before you send them off into the world on their own.

Seasonal Mini Sessions

We offer a variety of seasonal, themed mini sessions to new and existing clients throughout the year. Some of them are pretty consistently scheduled each year such as Fall and Holiday/Christmas themed ones, but we do also sprinkle in a few others sometimes around in the Spring such as Valentine’s and Bluebonnets to give some variety. We try not to repeat a mini session theme year after year so that if you keep coming back each year your pictures won’t be identical to the previous year. We do a range from simple, basic options to over-the-top themed sessions full of decor and props! These sessions aren’t designed to replace a full session, but add in some extra fun throughout the year and help give you a reason to step in front of the camera for a little extra fun. Prices range on mini sessions simply due to the props, decor or rental fees involved in making them happen, but the money is well spent giving you some unique photos as well as unique experiences in some cases!

Keep an eye out on our Social Media pages for updates and release dates of mini sessions.


Headshots are more important than ever in our current world of business. With more companies avoiding face to face meetings and minimizing in-person workplaces, how else will your future employers or co-workers know who you are? No matter what level of your career you are in, you don’t want a blurry cell phone selfie to be the representation of who you are at work or on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Updating your headshots with us is quick and painless. Headshot sessions are less than 20 minutes long and we can do them outdoors or indoors by coming to you or you coming to us. We keep headshot sessions affordable and simple to give you a great look without having to spend a fortune to do it.

Do you need headshots for an entire team or office? We can help you accomplish this with special pricing to go with it. And standard, plain backgrounds don’t have to be the norm, we can help you find different ways to show creativity with your team and help set you apart from the rest with the look of your headshots.

Birthday Parties, Parties and Events

No matter how big or small your celebration or event is, there is value in capturing your gathering. Whether you just want to remember everyone who attended or remember all of the little details that were put into making it come together, we can cover it. We shoot a number of birthday parties every year from 1st birthdays to Over The Hill celebrations. When we are hired to capture your party we focus on getting everyone that attends in a picture, we get pics of all of the details big and small, and we get candid shots of your guests of all ages enjoying themselves. If you have a little one that is going to do a smash cake we will get a ton of great shots of him or her tearing through their first sweet treat. Of if there is a special gift that will be opened, or a toast is made, we will capture these moments for you. For these special celebrations we can promise you that you will not want to be worried about whether someone got a picture of what is happening, you will want to just be able to enjoy the festivities yourself, which is why having a photographer capture it is so important.

Lifestyle, and Everything Else!

The Sunker family has a lengthy list of interests, hobbies and skills… And that can make for some fun and different photographs. We want to help you capture that part of your life or your family member’s life that they have a passion for. We truly do shoot anything and everything, just because it’s not listed out as a category here does not mean we can’t or won’t do it, or even that we haven’t done it before. If you have a creative photo shoot idea you want brought to life we can help you do that. We have a number of props and furniture on-hand, and access to a wide variety of locations and settings to work with to create what you want. And even if you don’t have a vision all planned out, we can help you create it and give you a direction to go for your photos. We don’t charge for consultations or to give quotes, so please feel free to reach out, ask questions and explore what is possible, you won’t scare us off. We love getting creative and working outside of the box, it’s the reason we got into the business!