We want to help our neighbors…

Hello Canyon Falls neighbors, I’m Ronnie Sunker. For those of you who don’t know who I am, my family moved into this community in 2015 which was very early in the development. We have watched this community grow from a small group where we all knew each other, to a bigger community where it’s hard to know everyone. But it has been great being a part of this unique mix of people all of these years, we have made so many friends and some that we consider family. We also have a family photography business, Sunker Creative Studio that we started in 2011 and have grown successfully over the years and have particularly planted some deep roots within this community.  

We know the last couple of months has been very difficult for many, and we hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy through these challenging times. Just like everyone else we have been tasked with trying to work from home as well as having both of our kids at home every day while helping them with school, which is way more difficult than we ever would have thought!

My current shared office for 1st grade school and work from home.

We also know first-hand the effects this pandemic has had on people’s jobs and income due to business closures and long-term uncertainty in specific industries. From talking to a number of friends and neighbors, it also seems that the way some businesses have handled these closures has been less than stellar and companies have shown their true colors in how they treat their employees. We personally know many people who have been laid off indefinitely, but also a number of people who now want to find somewhere to work that treats their employees better. I can’t tell you how many individuals I know that have been at the same job for 15+ years and were released almost immediately during all of this and now have no job to return to even when the world opens back up.

Since this all seemed to happen unexpectedly, most people weren’t planning to be unemployed or looking for another job right now, and this will be a tough time to be looking. We want to help in a way that we can. For any of our Canyon Falls friends and your families we would like to offer to take some headshots for you, free of charge,  so that you can build your resume and get back to a new job or a better job. We know it’s not a lot to offer, but it’s something we can do to help our neighbors. The last thing anyone wants to do when you’ve lost a job is to spend money on something other than necessities. Most people don’t have updated headshots, especially if you weren’t planning on looking for a job. And in this digital age, it’s rare to meet face to face with a potential employer, so you want to get your face out there and make sure you have a professional photo to represent yourself and help your odds at being picked. 

I wish I was in a position to offer people jobs or find employment for the friends and family of mine that has been affected by this, but for now we at least want to try and help our neighbors get things back to a new normal any way we can. So if you’re interested or have a family member that could use this help, contact me and we’ll get you taken care of. We can all use a little help sometimes, so please don’t hesitate to take it. 

What we are offering:

A quick headshot session to our Canyon Falls neighbors and families that could use this assistance right now. We are offering these free of charge through June 2020. The session will be quick and painless, plan on 10 minutes or less. We will be shooting at our home studio space unless you are told otherwise, and backdrop will be a simple grey or white background. Images will be edited and delivered electronically to you within a few days after they are taken. And the digital copies are yours to do with as you see fit.


ronnie@sunkercreativestudio.com ~ 940.206.5768 ~ facebook.com/sunkercreativestudio

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