Pricing Updates for 2022

We have enjoyed our first 10 years of operating our family photography business, and we are excited about our next 10 years to come! As our family of clients has grown we have grown as a business and have always tried to offer the best experience, the best service and the best photos to you at the best price we can. We have always felt we offer a better overall service than our price reflects, and make a strong effort every year to continue that. As a growing business we also try to make sure we are always evaluating what we do and what we offer to try and be efficient and cost-effective in our offerings to you without just raising prices every year. Since the beginning we have strived to offer our services in a way that we can try to meet all budgets and reach clients in different ways that work for everyone. We truly just want to get beautiful photographs for as many people as we can.

Key changes for 2022:

  • Standard Portrait session prices have not changed at all.
  • We still provide our furniture options at no additional cost, but are requiring a 1 hour session minimum to include these items
  • We have simplified our Wedding Package options. The number of options has been reduced to make it easier to choose what fits best. In addition our wedding prices have been updated after several years of holding the prices the same.
  • Photo Print Prices – We are excited about this one in particular! Please take a closer look at our print pricing and offerings, even do a little price shopping with actual Professional photo labs (not your local pharmacy or Super grocery store), you will find that on average our prices should be comparable, especially when you consider the final prices from those labs will also add taxes and shipping. And as always, we print all paper prints up to 17″x36″ in-house and can often turn these around very quickly with a much higher quality than you will find at local photo labs.

We look forward to the next year serving all of you and your photography needs! As always, please reach out with any questions you have about our pricing updates or any other part of our business.

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